Who we are

Veneta Cucine is a family business with a 40-year long history.

The founder is a prime example of a designer with entrepreneurial flair, and to this day he is the charismatic head of the business.

Through the years, the business transformed itself from a local enterprise to one of international standards and its business model has evolved from an entrepreneurial to a managerial one: the founder’s children, as well as a team of managers, now work alongside him, each with their own specific roles and portfolios.

The Veneta Cucine group is the largest manufacturer of kitchens in Italy.
Established in 1967 in Biancade, in the province of Treviso, the business changed its name to Veneta Cucine Spa in 1978. Veneta Cucine provides our exceptional custom, luxury kitchens in America through our dealer showrooms, and we serve the Manhattan area out of our Hoboken showroom.

The group employs 500 staff in its 90.000 square meters of covered industrial space that is divided between the production/managerial complex in Biancade (Treviso) and the woodworking factory in Codissago – Longarone (Belluno). Its employees design, produce, administer and distribute 10 systems, 40 models based on 7 different frames, generating 300 options of varying colors and materials. These offer endless possibilities for customization, so that each year as many as 60.000 kitchens enter the market.

In 2008 the HOMAG production line was introduced. It is completely automated and can produce 4 types of complete and packaged kitchen components: counter tops, shelves, kitchen counters and doors.


  • Receives 10 parts per minute
  • 600 parts parts hour
  • 100,800 parts per month
  • 1,060.,000 parts per year

2 entrances, the first is for cupboards and panels, the second is for white goods/appliances. 7 stacker cranes, 3088 shelves that can carry 11000 packages. Average offloading speed of 750 packages per hour, with 3 pallet rack and loading of 3 trucks simultaneously.

Aerial transport of 350 m at a speed of 30 m/min

No manual handling

  • drastically reduces the chance of damaging packages

Double reading of bar codes, combined with warehouse data to verify consistency

  • error thereby drastically reduced

Precision and quality of delivery.

Wood Division

Origin of our wood

European wood such as oak, cherry, chestnut, ash and alder. American wood such the toulipier alder and yellow pine from the United States and yesquero negro from Bolivia.

It is very important to also choose the correct felling season, which exclusively takes place when the trees are at rest, i.e. in winter. During the winter months, the sugar of the trees are transformed into starch, making the trees less susceptible to pest (insects or fungi) that often result in permanent damage to both the structure and the natural colour of the wood.


  • 6000 Codes
  • 420 Worktops finishes
  • 10 Systems
  • 40 Models
  • Wood
  • Lacquered (matte and glossy)
  • Decorative
  • Laminate finish
  • Colorboard finish
  • BBS® Antibacterial
  • Vacuum Formed PVC (matte and glossy)
  • Glass (matte and glossy)
  • Stainless steel

300 color and texture options for endless finish customization possibilities.