While it may not be practical to design a completely new kitchen every time the seasons change, adding in seasonal touches to your kitchen are a great way to embrace the change. This fall, add in some touches to your kitchen that celebrate the changing colors, the coming winter, and the crisp autumn air. Veneta Cucine wants to be your source for not just the best custom kitchens in Manhattan, but the best kitchen tips as well!


A great way to change up your kitchen is to change the textiles seasonally. In the fall months, opt for rich, deep colors for your kitchen towels and pot holders, and these will bring a pop of autumn colors like garnet, forest green, and mustard yellow. Don’t forget about the floor! The floor is a great place to swap out a rug for one that has the colors of fall leaves to spruce up the whole room. Throw pillows on a nearby chair or dining bench can also be a place to add in fall touches. Textiles add in a warmth and dimension to your kitchen that can make the space easily transition to the new, cooler season.


Along with textiles, adding in fall-themed accessories can give your kitchen a whole new look. Dark amber glassware, darker colored dishware, and the canisters on the kitchen counters are all places where you can incorporate new fall colors. Spatulas, serving spoons, and tongs that are fall colors help make your kitchen seem seasonally appropriate.


As the cooler weather sets in, fresh herbs become less available at farmer’s markets and grocery stores. Growing herbs indoors not only adds a beautiful natural touch to your kitchen, but keeps your supply of fresh, delicious ingredients right at hand. Herbs can easily grow in a window, and are a great decorative touch that also caters to people who love to cook.

Fall Cooking

Speaking of cooking, the changing seasons bring with them a change in food preferences. Suddenly, soups, stews, and other warm hearty meals are what everyone is craving, and baked goods become fun to bake. Fill your home with the smells of fall with pumpkin soups, chicken stews, and rich roasts that will scent the air with the unmistakable cooking of fall. The cool weather also begs for you to use your oven more, and pumpkin muffins, fresh baked breads, and apple cinnamon cider all bring the fall season to life in your kitchen. If you don’t have time to cook, just simmering cinnamon sticks, cloves, anise, and orange peels in apple juice can give your home that great fall smell.

Are you excited to bring fall into your kitchen? Small touches can transform your space from an airy, summer room into a cozy fall haven.  If you aren’t excited, maybe you need to be inspired by a new custom Italian kitchen only offered by Veneta Cucine. We would love to help you create a kitchen that you will enjoy throughout every season!