There has been so much innovation in the kitchen appliance industry, and you now have the option to choose from some really great models! Refrigeration, cooking and washing dishes seem fairly straightforward, but you would be amazed at how small innovations can really make your kitchen experience that much better. From the way our appliances look, to how they function, kitchen appliances are continually changing. Read on to see some of the newest trends and innovations in kitchen appliances, and how you might incorporate them into your new luxury kitchen design. Of course, high-end kitchen appliances need corresponding high-end appliances, so if your kitchen needs a facelift, turn to Veneta Cucine serving the Manhattan area. We are high-end luxury Italian kitchen manufacturers who can transform your kitchen space into something truly extraordinary.

Black Is Back…And So Is White

Stainless steel has been all the rage in kitchen appliances in recent years, and the tide is finally starting to turn. Stainless steel will always remain a classic mainstay, but black and white are back on the scene in new, beautiful ways. Forget the appliances of old with their mottled surfaces, the new black and white appliances are smooth, modern and beautiful. The sleek exterior surfaces read as clean and professional, and the insides have all the bells and whistles that you would expect in a high-end stainless steel model. White can instantly brighten a kitchen, and black remains a strong neutral that can fit with many paint colors and finishes. Another growing trend is “black stainless steel” which has more warmth and patina than traditional stainless steel. Black stainless steel has more of a matte finish, and would go great with new, high-end kitchen cabinets.

Third Rack Dishwasher

The dishwasher has really changed the time spent having to clean and sanitize dishes, and you might think it can’t get any better. Manufacturers are now offering dishwashers with a third rack that can hold silverware and utensils. This frees up space for pots and pans on the bottom rack of the dishwasher, and the third rack is deep enough that it can also hold small bowls. These small changes really do make the dishwasher more efficient, and allow you to spend less time cleaning. Aside from this change in the way that the dishes are loaded, dishwashers are also becoming better at fully cleaning and leaving no residue, and leaving the dishes fully dry in less time. If you are in the market for a new kitchen, consider a dishwasher with some of these great new features.

Steam Ovens

Sure, your oven can bake, but can it steam? New oven technology utilizes steam to cook food faster than conventional ovens, and come out more flavorful and with more moisture. Forget the days of calculating exactly how long to cook your food, and at what temperature; the new steam ovens usually come with a series of pre-programmed recipes that allow you to just put the food in, and the oven does the rest. Have you ever had a dinner party and your guests were stuck waiting for the food? New technology allows you to tell the oven when you want to eat, and it adjusts accordingly to have your food perfectly cooked at the desired time. The introduction of moisture into the oven helps with browning, and searing, and produces moist cakes and breads. Some of these ovens can replicate professional bread baker’s proof boxes that control fermentation and raise temperatures so you always have artisan quality breads and sweets. If you love to bake, a steam oven might be a great option to enhance your favorite recipes and give you back time watching the oven.

French Door Ovens

Surely you have seen french door refrigerators, but have you checked out the new french door ovens? Not only do these ovens look unique and stylish, but they are also incredibly functional. Just like french door refrigerators save space by only needing to open half of a door into the room, french door ovens have the save great space-saving abilities. Many cooks find this door style gives easier access, and it can allow for one-handed opening. These ovens work great in a smaller spaces where a full oven door makes for tight maneuvering. Plus, they just look great, much like their refrigerator counterparts. These ovens are also wall-mounted, so you can have them more at eye-level than a traditional range. If you have ever had to wrangle a huge turkey out of a low oven, you know what a benefit this can be for your back!

Smart Appliances

In this world of smartphones, everyone seems to be connected. But did you know you could connect to your appliances?! Now, there are apps to connect your phone to your oven and stovetop so you can control the temperature remotely. Never worry again if you need to run to the store, but need to bring something down to a simmer. Now you can control cooking temperatures, and there are innovations being made where your appliances can connect with each other, so your microwave and oven can coordinate to finish your dishes at the same time. Many brands of refrigerators are now carrying smart refrigerators that come with LCD displays. Get the weather, sync your smartphone, watch TV, check your calendar, or use the radio on these new, innovative displays. And this is just the outside of the fridge! Many of these smart appliances also allow a technician to remotely access your appliance to troubleshoot problems without even coming into your home!

Fridge Design

When refrigerators came out with ice and water dispensers, they were all the rage. People still love their cold, purified water that comes from the fridge, but sometimes want a clean, uncluttered exterior on their appliances. Some refrigerators now store the ice and water dispensers inside the door, so you can have your clean, modern design and delicious purified water. Moving past just the wonderful design of french door refrigerators, now refrigerators are being built with four doors. These offer the convenience of french doors on both the refrigerator and freezer portion, and can be great for someone who stores a lot of frozen food. Some refrigerators now offer fresh food storage drawers that slide out between the fridge and freezer. These allow for easy access to convenience foods without opening the larger doors. Adding to this feature, there are also refrigerators with grab-n-go doors, that offer a fridge within a fridge, and glass doors that showcase beverages up front and allow for easy access. Refrigerator manufacturers are also continually developing better food storage options, from slots designed to hold pizzas in the freezer to wine and soda storage in the fridge. There are so many great features in refrigerator design that you are sure to find your perfect fridge!


How can you innovate ice? Well, some appliance manufacturers have, with new ice options that go beyond cube or crushed. Some offer a shaved ice option, which is perfect for slushies, margaritas, and more. If you love that soft, chewable ice that is found in restaurants, you will love the new ice options being offered in beautiful, high-end refrigerators.

We hope you have gotten excited about the new trends in kitchen appliances, because Veneta Cucine would love to partner with you to build your dream luxury kitchen. We offer amazing, high-end custom Italian kitchens and serve the Manhattan area. Combine one of our amazing custom kitchens with new appliances, and make your kitchen the best room in your home!