Thinking of remodeling but wondering if it is worth the time, energy, and money? Are you thinking of selling in the future and want to know if a remodel will be a good investment? Or are you just wanting to improve your quality of life in your home and don’t know where to start? Read on for some home upgrades that are always worth it!


Adding in light is beneficial to any room, and can turn a dark bedroom, kitchen, or pantry into a cheerful, bright space. New windows are extremely attractive to buyers, as they signify that your home will not only be bright, but be energy efficient as well. Even if you are not thinking of selling, windows can lead to energy and money savings, make your home more comfortable and less drafty, and protect your furniture and rugs from harmful UV rays. New windows can be easier to open, and easier to safely close and lock, adding to your home’s security. But the first thing you will notice will new windows is how they instantly open up a space and breathe new life into old rooms.

New Roof

The exterior of your home is the first thing that a buyer sees, and if you have an old, damaged roof that will be a bad first impression. Not only does it signify that the buyer has costly repairs in store if they buy your home, but it also makes your home seem uncared for. If you are thinking of selling you should make sure your roof is in great condition. What about if you’re not selling? A roof may not seem like a fun expense, but investing in your roof can have big rewards. For starters, if your roof is leaking it can damage your walls, floors, and furniture and accessories leading to unexpected costs. A new roof can protect you, but also can increase the efficiency of your home. Heat escapes through your roof, and a roof that is not properly vented can lead to mold or mildew. A new roof can keep your home comfortable, dry, and efficient.


Bathrooms are an essential part of any home, and having a great looking and great functioning bathroom can make day to day life much more enjoyable. Taking showers in a large, well-designed shower, or soaking in a luxurious bathtub can really make a difference. Buyers are sure to inspect the bathrooms in a home before making any purchase decisions, and if yours is dingy it could ruin the sale. Adding in a new bathroom is also a popular home remodeling choice, and bathroom additions can have a return on investment of up to 85 percent! Modernizing your bathroom with double sinks, marble tile, a separate shower and tub, and radiant floors are all touches that can help your bathroom be more enjoyable, and more attractive to buyers.


Everyone loves the thought of cozying up in front of a fireplace or woodstove, watching the flames and enjoying the warmth. A fireplace can be a big draw for a buyer, and can make you enjoy your own home that much more. Do you have a perfect spot in your home that is just waiting for a fireplace? This is an investment that will give back to you with years of enjoyment and an increase in the value of your home.


Is your home short on closet space or lacking it altogether? A lack of closets can really cramp your style, and leave you with an unorganized or messy home. Adding in functional closets that house all of your clothing, shoes, bedding, and other home accessories can really make your home more enjoyable. And if you are thinking of selling, know that a lack of closets can make some buyers pass up your home even if they love everything else about it. If you are looking for a great way to update a bedroom, mudroom, or hallway, consider adding in more closet space!


Your flooring makes a huge visual impact in your home, and needs to stand up to everyday wear and tear. If your flooring is old, frayed carpeting or unnatractive vinyl, you may want to change it out for something more appealing. Your flooring will be something that can dramatically change the look of a room. Imagine going from that old, dingy carpet to a gleaming cherry wood floor, or trading in that tired linoleum for beautiful modern tile. Your flooring will also be something that buyers will look at, and won’t be something they want to change right away. Invest in quality flooring for years of beauty and great resale value.


Okay, we’ve saved the best for last. Your kitchen is probably the number one investment you can make in your home, and offers the biggest return. Many buyers head straight for the kitchen, and this room can set the stage for the rest of your home. If your kitchen is outdated, not only will buyers be unimpressed, but your day to day life won’t be as good either. The kitchen is where you spend so much of your time, making meals, baking delicious treats, packing lunches, or grabbing a late night snack. If your kitchen is cramped, not very functional, dark, or unnatractive, you won’t want to spend time in there. The best kitchens of today offer large islands, perfect for guests or homework, streamlined cabinetry, and a sleek, modern design. If we aren’t describing your kitchen, you need to head to Veneta Cucine’s showroom to see our amazing luxury kitchens! We are your Manhattan source for custom Italian kitchens—visit us today!