If you are planning out your new, custom kitchen, you should really consider adding in an island! A kitchen island is much more than just a design trend, it can become the hardest working surface in your kitchen. Read on to learn more about kitchen islands and how they can elevate your home!

Provides Extra Storage

If you have an open kitchen layout, or you are embracing the trend of no upper cabinets, an island can be a place for much needed storage in the kitchen. You can configure your island to have only drawers for plates, pans, or utensils, or you can house your garbage and recycling in cabinets located in the island. An island is a great place for small appliances (such as a mixer or blender) to be stored to easily access when you need them.

Provides Extra Seating

An island can serve multiple purposes in the kitchen, and one of those can be extra seating. Your large island can become the kitchen table, and there are many options for comfortable stools or high chairs that can perfectly complement your style. This seating is also great for kids doing their homework, guests who love to congregate in the kitchen, and chatting while one person is cooking.

Place For the Cooktop

An island offers a great opportunity for a large cooktop that can handle multiple pans at one time, and is great for chefs who like to spread out and have their ingredients lined up nearby. A cooktop in the island is also an opportunity to move away from the standard range and add high end touches to your kitchen with a double wall oven. With downdraft venting systems, you can streamline the look of your kitchen with no overhead vent. Or, your overhead vent can become a showstopping design element in your luxury kitchen.

Place For the Sink

A kitchen island can also be a great place for your sink. If your sink has been located on a wall without windows, placing it in the island can make the area seem larger and maybe washing dishes a little more enjoyable. An island can also be a great place for a second, smaller, bar sink for rinsing hands while cooking.

Other Appliances

Besides the cooktop and the sink, your island can also be a great location for your microwave, taking it out of sight under the counter. A second fridge, or a wine fridge, fit great in the space an island provides, and a second dishwasher can be a lifesaver if you have a large family or love to entertain. Think of what appliances you could move into your kitchen island!


An island is an excellent work surface, and many islands provide a larger surface area than traditional countertops. This makes them perfect for baking large amounts of pastries, utilizing it for kid’s homework, or using it as an office desk during the day. An island really can transform your kitchen into a room that is much more functional and inviting!

Does an island sound like something that your new kitchen could use? Whether you love a crisp, clean, modern look, or a warmer, more traditional style, Veneta Cucine has a style for everyone! Don’t plan your luxury kitchen in Manhattan without visiting our showroom!